tocando visiones

Carme Torrent in collaboration with Silvia Zayas

A kind of radio-film, an experiment in communication with the memories of places.

We tune into this experience, as a matter of touch, imagination and porosity between us. We will see nothing, yet something is seen as we probe the surfaces and remain in the dark.

In doing so, we take care of the ways of living together that require immersion, proximity to almost imperceptible events. How to reestablish connections with the suppressed or repressed worlds that also constitute us? How is a scenic ecosystem arranged so that vital forces come back to life? How to repair the ways in which we get involved in events?

(The audience sitting or lying around, at an almost minimal distance from the scene, also being a scene. Immersed in a non-athletic dance, perceiving subtle intertwinings between things, the places of transit are explored, allowing polyphonic situations to emerge that do not seek to be defined, nor to be productive, but rather to generate a time of touch, of oblique attention, of clairvoyance. What does a body, a place, an ecosystem receive?
In a dark place, bodies like an opacity that appears almost as luminous as the darkness itself, visible and invisible human and non-human strata, ambiguous polyphonic situations, generate a sound landscape, a spectral, strange sonic materiality that babbles between a silent tension and an indecipherable language. ...
Sitting on the margins of language, perhaps as memories, remains or residual energy, certain visions accompany us in seeing. An experience of a virtual world, in a latent state, that, even though it is not perceptible, is acting.)

Valencian Institute of Modern Art-IVAM, October 2021. Carme Torrent invites Silvia Zayas. With the collaboration of: Maria Tamarit, Alba González, Joaquin Artíme, Paula Pachón, Javier Hedrosa, Julia Iranzo, Samuel Hernández, Aurora García, Pablo.