Pa ck is a play space that generates situations that are between performance, the creative process and research. A space of confluence between theoretical reflections and creative practices. A space to critically interrogate the relationship between the body and technology.

All this in a transdisciplinary framework.

We understand transdisciplinary research as the creation of group spaces where diverse subjectivities and perspectives merge into a multiple figure that annexes new spaces and meanings as it discovers them. Production no longer belongs to any individuality or discipline.

Thus, we invite different groups (artists, scientists, technicians, pedagogues) to participate in the various areas of research, as well as different people of different ages, to play and transform the play space.

The project takes different forms:

  • Research laboratory pack lab
  • Facilities - interactive play space pack facilities
  • Performance pack action
  • Sessions for boys and girls pack at school

This project was born in 2002, at the initiative of Constanza Brncic, Oriol Blanch and Carme Torrent, and was hosted in residence at the Sala Metrònom in Barcelona (2002-2003), obtaining the KRTU scholarship for young creativity from the Generalitat of Catalonia.


  • This project was conceived and generated by Constanza Brncic, Oriol Blanch and Carme Torrent,

Its regular collaborators are:

  • Gerard Vilardell (telecommunications engineer)
  • Francesc Tarrés (Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the UPC)
  • Jofre Martí (psychology)
  • Matt Davis (music)

Centers that have collaborated with the project:

  • Rafael Tous d’Art Contemporani Foundation - Sala Metrònom
  • CCCB Set room
  • Nau Cochlea
  • Mx Espa
  • Can Palauet Cultural Center of Mataró
  • Can Felipa Civic Center in Barcelona
  • Camallera Primary School