moverse sobre nada

Do we need to believe that everything works and everything has a meaning? How to free the experience from the need to make sense, to distill meaning? Meaning as that which has to be practiced because it does not stop? Can we give practice room to develop unproductively, without having to theorize?

The project consists of a series of meetings with people who come from very diverse backgrounds. Meetings where you can share moments, traces of a mobile experience, since it is always being updated. It is therefore a territory that does not have fixed contours, which is in continuous movement.

Movement games/practices are developed with the attempt to explode movement so that the verbal appears in the non-verbal. A use of movement that disorganizes the usual order of discourse, the authority of discursivity. And at the same time, deploy other relationships that open the basic binaries between looking and being looked at, between performer and spectator, that can interrupt the difficult relationships we maintain with meaning. To do this we place ourselves in the emptying prior to the definition.

And considering that perhaps; “resistance to logocentrism has a greater opportunity to appear in the experience of spatializing.

Through these meetings, choreographic works have been generated: 100 horizontal fires, loving construction, monarchical bodies? With these works, the possibility of adding other people's strokes opens up, provoking in my body the possibility of being moved by all those bodies. Becoming those bodies; not in a homogeneous, linear, circular time, but rather allowing a folded, labyrinthine, heterogeneous temporal architecture to emerge. Generating a body that can affect and be affected by different intensities.

Each encounter contains a core of uncertainty, which we are going to prepare for.

Simultaneously with the contagion that the encounter grants, a space opens between. The between bodies will then be a notion of connection and differentiation to be deployed from the power of multiplicity.

What has been exposed will therefore be the result of this collective experience.

A possible contagion game is to ask different people for a movement score (in this first period, the meetings take place with people who come from theoretical-practical fields, related to art) and work on them as raw material to remake, cross, transform.


Creation and interpretation:

Carme Torrent